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Tree Planting is the most basic acts for saving our environment. Early spring and late fall, when the climate is moderate and trees are dormant, tend to be the easiest times to successfully plant trees. This service will start with you making an appointment to discuss your goals for tree planting.

Our certified arborists work with clients to plant tree species that thrive in the landscape, factoring in local climate, soil conditions and short and long-term property goals.

A properly planted tree will grow faster and live longer than ones that are incorrectly planted. Determining the correct tree for a particular location must include considerations for:

  • the correct soil pH,
  • drainage,
  • shade, and
  • sun at the planting site.

There are other important factors to consider in tree planting:

  • Soil

    Soil structure, including composition and drainage can be critical to the health and growth of a tree.

  • Location

    The amount of sun and shade that a tree receives, as well as the exposure to or protection from wind can affect the growth and survival of a tree. In addition, an understanding of the growth rate, shape and size at maturity should be considered when planting in proximity to structures and traffic ways.


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  • How many people will come to work at my house?

    For a simple lawn mowing, it is one person. There may be two or more people depending on the complexity of the job.

  • Do I have to be present for a service?

    No. You can schedule and pay online.

  • How long will it take to complete the work?

    An hour or more depending on the job.


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